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Energy Healing


Energy healing is based on the belief that everything in the universe is composed of energy, also referred to as the life force, which connects the individual to the invisible whole. This oneness causes the individual to be affected by energies in the universe. During physical or emotional disease, the individual's life force creates energy fields that are unbalanced. The philosophy of energy healing believes that treatment must consider the person's connection to the universe as well as the interaction of the mind, body, and spirit.

There are different types of energy healing including reiki and spiritual response therapy.


The concept of the life force is found in many ancient cultures. Chinese philosophers and healers referred to it as "qi" or "chi". In India, it was called "prana." The word "reiki" is based on the Japanese words "rei", meaning universal, and "ki", which means life energy. Modern reiki practice became popular in Japan in the early 20th century. It then spread to the United States. Spiritual Response Therapy was developed in the 1980's by Robert Detzler. It is a system that allows people to free themselves of past limitations whether they were created through thoughts, communications, or actions. SRT is similar to other mental and spiritual health practices like counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching.

Current/Future Situation

Interest in energy healing is growing quickly as its benefits become more widely recognized. It can be used in a variety of health care settings including alternative medicine clinics, medical offices, and hospices for treatment of many conditions and diseases such as cancer and chronic pain. Many people use reiki at home for relaxation and other health benefits. Healthcare professionals are learning reiki as a complementary therapy. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is currently funding research into reiki and other forms of energy healing to learn more about them. Energy healing is expected to continue in popularity as more information about its uses is made known.

Career Descriptions/Places to Work

Many energy healers are self-employed and have their own practice. Their clients range from children to the elderly. They may treat both acute and chronic diseases and conditions, but their holistic approach is especially suited to chronic problems.

Some practitioners may work in alternative health clinics, medical offices, or hospices. There are both full time and part time opportunities. Many set their own schedules.

Day in the Life

A typical day in the life of a reiki practitioner who works in an outpatient cancer center begins with preparation before the patient arrives. The treatment room is set up with fresh linens and pillows. The patient's file is reviewed. When the patient arrives, there is a short welcome for regulars and a more extensive consultation with new patients. The goal is to help the patient become comfortable and better able to relax and enjoy the benefits of energy healing. The therapist customizes the session to suit the needs of the patient. A session may last from 30 to 90 minutes. A therapist may treat several people in a day. It is very satisfying to see patients relaxed and feeling better after the session.

Graduate/Professional Quote

"We tend to approach healing through the mind, but illness does not respond to reason. Complete healing is a mystical experience, not a rational one." - Caroline Myss

Stat/Fact/Tip of the Day

Energy healing practitioners with appropriate training can perform healing without having the client physically present with them.

Therapeutic touch, a form of energy healing, has been taught to many nurses in the United States as a form of complementary therapy.

Good social and communication skills and the desire to help people are necessary to succeed as an energy healer.


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