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Mueller College offers a wide range of holistic health subjects such as massage therapy, hypnotherapy, herbology, reflexology, Reiki, nutrition, and Eastern and Asian modalities.

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Types of Alternative Medicine Degrees

When it comes to alternative medicine, there are various degrees that can be obtained through different types of educational institutions. Many institutions offer short courses for those individuals entertaining the idea of alternative medicine as a profession and those that are designed for individuals that already possess a degree in another medical discipline. Many of these courses can be taken through distance learning or correspondence but typically do not count as college credits. Most will provide you with a certificate of completion and many of these courses do meet the requirements for continuing education credits. Certificate programs are available in Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Iridology, Batch Flower Remedies and Flower Essence, Spiritual or Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Yoga, Pilates and many more.

For those interested in obtaining a degree, this can be done at a traditional campus, through distance learning or a combination of both. The following are the various options:

Associate Degree (AS or AA) - This is typically a two year course of study. There may be some prerequisites necessary for acceptance and courses contain large amounts of science and math. Many of these programs will provide the training for individuals to become a Holistic Health Assistant, Holistic Health Educator, Writer, or Speaker, Aromatherapist, Wellness Coach, Lifestyle Coach or Consultant or Registered Herbalist.

Bachelor Degree (BS or BA) - This is a four year course of study. In addition to traditional courses, education in herbology and botany, nutrition and aging, traditional Chinese medicine, and homeopathy are also available. Many schools will allow you to select your area of concentration. Individuals obtaining a BA/BS are trained for careers such as Holistic Health Practitioners, Educators, Writers and Speakers, Herbalist, Natural Health Practitioner, Nutrition Counselor or Dynamic Phytotherapy Consultant.

Masters Degree (MS, MA) - All programs of study require at least a Bachelors degree prior to entry. These degrees are designed to expand the scope of knowledge of the practitioner and provide additional career opportunities. Many programs in midwifery, complementary alternative medicine and acupuncture are available. Career options include biomedical research, alternative medicine practitioner, regulatory affairs, medical administration and law.

Doctorate Degree (ND, DO, DC, DNP, PhD, DAOM) - All of these programs require that you have at least a BS and many require an MS. They are two to four year programs depending on the degree. Graduates of the programs typically practice as a Naturopath, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Nurse Midwife, Acupuncturist, Chinese Medical Practitioner, Administrator or College Professor.

Many different programs and career options are available today to meet your needs and interests. When looking for courses or degree programs, review all the necessary requirements for admission and completion, tuition, and accreditation.