Mueller College of Holistic Studies

Mueller College offers a wide range of holistic health subjects such as massage therapy, hypnotherapy, herbology, reflexology, Reiki, nutrition, and Eastern and Asian modalities.

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Learn the Life! Launch your new career in Nutrition. This high demanding career path gives Nutritionists the flexibility to work at spas and resorts, physical therapy centers, rehabilitation clinics, sports teams, the private and public sectors or, be self employed. Choosing a holistic nutrition school for alternative medicine training and natural health license certifications will be a hard decision to make. Depending on what you want to accomplish with your nutritionist training will help you decide on the various natural health & bodywork programs best suited for you. Choose your state below to find a nutrition colleges and programs offered in your area.


Clayton College of Natural Health - Online

Location(s): Birmingham

Diploma | Certificate


Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Location(s): Tempe | Tempe | Tempe | Tempe

Diploma | Certificate


Bauman College

Location(s): Berkeley | Penngrove | Santa Cruz

Diploma | Certificate


Nutrition Therapy Institute

Location(s): Denver

Diploma | Certificate


The Wellspring School for Healing Arts

Location(s): Boise

Diploma | Certificate


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